Shopping addict & cats




dimanche, mars 18, 2018


thanks to my lil sister 
for taking pictures

Here's the look I wore when I did some shopping for the openning of the Primark store at Le Havre - Docks Vauban. Soon a vlog + try on haul about this day on youtube guys.

dimanche, mars 18, 2018

Let's thrift shopping !

Yoooo loveliiiies ! here i am again for a new video. This time, let's go with me to do some thrift shopping in one of the best town of normandie : Rouen. Hope u gonna like this touch of 80's/90's vibe ! I'm really new in the youtube universe but i'm trying to do my best, and gonna continue & continue until it works :D It's my first "thriftshop with me" but there's gonna be much more ! Cause I have a lot of thriftshop to visit in this town, and in france aaaand all around the world. Plz give a thumbs up and suscribe if u enjoyed it !

vendredi, mars 09, 2018


Hi guys ! Welcome back on my blog ! As you can see, I restart my feed and all by creating a new blog. This time i feel like I finally found my own way.  My first blog was too much .. "follow whats other poeple do", but i'm not like that anymore, i just want to do what i like, and also just be me. So for sure as other personnality of the web i'll have some subject who'll be the same, as look, lookbook or else, but i'll just do what i really want to do ! I started a youtube channel some months ago now, cause i feel enough confident to do it now ! I want that my blog be my seo optimisation but also my diary. It's gonna be only "mine" now.